Best Rates For Your Crypto Swaps

You can now swap and trade your crypto into thousands other coins that just lately came out with us! Swap crypto assets with best rates. Trade, Swap, Buy and Earn with your cryptocurrency today!

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Gem Wallet swap crypto

One Crypto Wallet. More than 1000+ Tokens. Multiple Swap Providers.

Best Rates

You get quotes from multiple exchange providers, to get best swap rate.


Gem Wallet doesn’t track any personal identifiable information.

No Sign Ups

No need for any forms or selfies, we hate them too.

How To Swap Crypto

Exchange crypto coins between each other at best rates.

  1. Download and install Gem Wallet.
  2. Tap swap in wallet tab, pick assets and type the amount.
  3. Tap review swap and confirm swap at best rate!
Gem Wallet swap crypto

What Is Swap?

A crypto Swap is when you exchange one type of cryptocurrency for another, similar to exchanging dollars for euros, but with digital currencies. It’s a quick and simple way to change your digital assets.

How Swap Works?

Crypto swaps work by using a digital platform where you exchange one cryptocurrency for another. First, you select the two currencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The platform uses smart contracts to automatically calculate the exchange rate, including market values and fees. After you review and accept the details, the smart contract executes the swap. The new cryptocurrency is then added to your wallet, completing the process efficiently.

Gem Swap: Safe, Fast, Cost-Effective

We develop our product following this three key principles to ensure we offer the best service to our users.

1. Multiple DEX Providers

Crypto swaps are secure thanks to blockchain technology, which records transactions in a way that is transparent and permanent. This means once a transaction is made, it can’t be altered. We partner with trusted partners like 1inch, ThorChain, Jupiter, and PancakeSwap, ensuring top-level service and privacy. For a full list of our providers, check our ecosystem page or the app.

2. Fast

In the dynamic crypto market, speed is a crucial factor. Due to high volatility, we strive to offer the best price and fastest exchange execution with Gem Wallet. This ensures you always have control and the ability to manage your crypto assets according to your strategy.

3. Cost-Effective

When using a service, everyone wants to pay the market price without overpaying. At Gem Wallet, we search for the best swap offers that balance platform fees and the market value of the asset. There are no hidden charges or inflated spreads - you can see all costs before confirming the transaction!

Frequently asked questions

You should talk to your local tax person because different places have different rules for taxes on cryptocurrencies. Usually, you have to pay taxes on crypto trades. But if you lose money in a trade, there's no profit for the government to tax.
The time it takes to swap cryptocurrencies can vary widely, often depending on the exchange platform and the specific currencies involved. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few seconds to several hours.
Centralized exchanges typically offer higher regulatory compliance but may have higher fees and KYC procedures, while swaps through smart contracts can be faster and more private but might carry some risks and variable fees.
You can find the complete list of assets supported for swap in the app.