Make Your Crypto Secure and Private.

Security and privacy is core of Gem Wallet. We built this wallet to protect your assets and data so you can enjoy crypto while using transfers, staking, swaps, dApps and many more...

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We Believe in Security and Privacy


You control and own your assets. We never have access to them, only you do.

Zero Tracking

We never track or store any information, assets balances or DApps you are using.

No Selfies Needed

No personal data or selfies required to use crypto wallet. Set up a new wallet today.

Strong Encryption

Gem Wallet protects your crypto and private keys with industry-leading security


Gem Wallet code is open, any auditor can come in and review security and privacy.

Bug Bounty

Rewards for finding vulnerabilities that may result in the loss of user funds.

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Building Crypto Wallet in Public

Want to learn what we are building next? Check our public roadmap on github.

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3 Best Security Practices

These are 3 tips you should follow to make sure your crypto is secure

1. Write Down Your Secret Phrase

Write it down, save it offline. Do not take a screenshot of it. It is a password to your wallet.

What is Secret Phrase
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2. Do Not Share It With Anyone

Anyone who has your secret phrase can access your wallet from anywhere in the world.

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3. If You Lose It, We Cannot Recover It.

It is created only for you. Gem Wallet does not keep copy of your phrase.

Where I Can Find My Phrase?
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