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Buy Ethereum effortlessly with the Gem Wallet App, where low fees meet convenience. Our fast, user-friendly process makes purchasing Ethereum a breeze for both beginners and experienced users alike. Download now and join the seamless world of digital currency transactions, all at your fingertips.

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Buy Ethereum (ETH) with credit card using gem wallet

How to Buy Ethereum With a Credit Card

Buy a minimum of $50 USD, and up to $20,000 USD, worth of Ethereum.

  1. Download and install Gem Wallet.
  2. Tap buy button. Select Ethereum to purchase.
  3. Enter amount of Ethereum you want to buy.
List of cryptocurrencies to buy with credit card using gem wallet

What Is Ethereum?

Conceived in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin and a team of visionaries, this platform sets itself apart from Bitcoin in many aspects. While both offer decentralized digital currencies, it introduces smart contracts and backs numerous decentralized applications.

Why You Need to Buy Ethereum?

Ethereum’s versatility makes it a key asset in the crypto world:

  1. Crypto Investing: Ethereum is a favorite among investors due to its solid platform and growing usage.

  2. Transaction Fee Payments: Essential for network fees, including for ERC20 transactions like USDC.

  3. NFT Transactions: A prime platform for NFTs, vital for minting and purchasing on platforms like OpenSea.

  4. Staking Rewards with Ethereum: Staking ETH can secure the network and earn rewards, a potential passive income source.

  5. Easy Swap: Ethereum’s popularity ensures high liquidity for swaps with other ERC20 tokens or even cross-chain swaps. With ETH, you can quickly and efficiently swap for your desired token at low fees.

Store Your ETH

Upon completing your Ethereum purchase, the ETH will be immediately allocated to your account balance. With this ETH, you’re equipped to not only send funds to friends or make general purchases but also to dive into the world of digital collectibles by acquiring NFTs, or to swap for a variety of ERC-20 tokens. Store your assets securely in your Gem Wallet and enjoy the vast possibilities at your disposal.

How Much Is the Fee to Buy ETH Coin?

We ensure full visibility of all transaction fees on the purchase page, allowing you to review them before making any decisions.

Buy Ethereum by Check, Cash, or Bank Transfer

We showcase all available payment methods before you commit to buying Ethereum, enabling you to choose the one that suits you best. Our platform is in constant development to provide more options for our users. If the payment method you’re looking for isn’t available today, it might be included tomorrow, so it’s always good to check back.

How to buy Ethereum with card

Buy ETH by following these 3 simple steps:

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1. Get Gem Wallet

Download Gem Wallet App for iOS or Android.

recovery phrase screen

2. Create A Wallet

Create a new wallet with secret phrase and store it somewhere safe.

buy crypto with card

3. Type Ethereum amount

Pay with card and you are done.