What Is Optimism?

Optimism offers a fresh layer to Ethereum’s system, making your transactions faster and more wallet-friendly, while keeping the strong security you trust. This smart tech expands what Ethereum can do, giving you smooth and swift trades. Experience this new leap in crypto with our Optimism mobile wallet.

What Makes Optimism Unique?

Optimism, as a leading Ethereum L2 blockchain, excels in the crypto arena by boosting Ethereum’s capabilities with its signature “optimistic rollups”. This advancement translates into swifter transactions and lower fees, maintaining Ethereum’s robust security throughout.

Optimism Wallet Benefits

Adopt our Optimism mobile wallet and unlock a realm of benefits within the Ethereum ecosystem. As a self-custodial solution, it empowers you with complete control over your digital assets. Here’s what you gain:

  • Fast Transactions: Optimistic rollups accelerate transaction speeds significantly compared to Ethereum’s mainnet, offering you near-instantaneous confirmations.

  • Reduced Gas Fees: Interact with Ethereum applications at a fraction of the cost, thanks to the Optimism layer’s efficiency.

  • High Security: Enjoy peace of mind with security protocols inherited from Ethereum, ensuring your assets are as safe as they are on the mainnet.

  • Open-Source Software: Benefit from community-driven improvements, transparency, and the reliability that comes with open-source software.

  • Ecosystem Richness: Access a wealth of Optimism-exclusive applications and services, expanding your DeFi and crypto horizons.

  • Sustainability: With a focus on long-term scalability, Optimism is a future-proof investment in the sustainability of blockchain technology.

With our wallet, you get Ethereum’s strong security and Optimism’s speedy transactions in one easy app. Grab our Optimism wallet and make crypto simple and secure.

Download Optimism Wallet

Download Gem Wallet for Optimism by following these three steps:

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onboarding view

1. Get the mobile app and install wallet from App Store, Google Play or our download page as an APK.

recovery phrase screen

2. Create a new wallet via secret phrase and store it securely.


3. Receive or buy Optimism into your new crypto wallet