What Is Celestia?

Celestia, also known as TIA, is a groundbreaking modular blockchain platform that redefines scalability. Its innovative architecture allows for the simple creation of customized blockchains, ensuring a new level of efficiency and user autonomy in the digital realm.

What Makes Celestia Unique?

Celestia stands out with its modular blockchain structure, promoting unprecedented flexibility. It pioneers in data availability sampling, enabling light nodes to verify transactions efficiently. This unique approach to consensus and execution layers sets Celestia apart in the blockchain space.

Celestia Wallet Benefits

With the Celestia Wallet, users step into a realm of unrivaled benefits. This self-custodial, open-source mobile wallet empowers you with:

  • Ease of Blockchain Deployment: Set up your blockchain with minimal effort, fully leveraging Celestia’s modular framework.
  • Enhanced Scalability: Enjoy seamless scalability thanks to the decoupling of consensus and execution layers, ensuring your transactions are swift and smooth.
  • Advanced Security: Data availability sampling fortifies the security, giving you peace of mind that your digital assets are safe.
  • Sovereignty Over Data: True ownership of your data and transactions, without the overwatch of centralized bodies.
  • Interoperability and Flexibility: Effortlessly interact with various execution environments, broadening your scope within the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Community-Driven Growth: Being open-source means benefiting from the collective genius of developers worldwide, constantly enhancing wallet functionalities.

Join the future of blockchain with Gem Wallet, your gateway to the Celestia network. Download now and take control of your digital destiny with unparalleled ease and security.

Download Celestia (TIA) Wallet

Download Gem Wallet for Celestia (TIA) by following these three steps:

Download Now
onboarding view

1. Get the mobile app and install wallet from App Store, Google Play or our download page as an APK.

recovery phrase screen

2. Create a new wallet via secret phrase and store it securely.


3. Receive or buy Celestia (TIA) into your new crypto wallet