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Mantle (MNT) Wallet

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What Is Mantle?

Mantle, introduced by BitDAO in November 2022, is a layer 2 solution aimed at enhancing Ethereum’s scalability through optimistic and zero-knowledge rollups. It addresses Ethereum’s scalability issues, facilitating faster, cost-effective transactions. By June 2023, the transition from BIT to Mantle’s MNT tokens underscored BitDAO’s shift towards leveraging Mantle for blockchain and DeFi advancements.

What Makes Mantle Unique?

Mantle sets itself apart by combining both optimistic and zero-knowledge rollups in its architecture, a distinctive approach among Ethereum’s layer 2 solutions. This hybrid model offers a balance between the high security and scalability of zero-knowledge rollups with the compatibility and ease of integration of optimistic rollups, aiming to deliver enhanced transaction efficiency and reduced costs across the Ethereum ecosystem.

Mantle Wallet Benefits

With Mantle Wallet, your interaction with the Mantle Network world becomes secure and comfortable. Here are some key features of the wallet:

  • Open Source: Mantle Wallet is open source, ensuring trust and transparency with users.
  • Self-Custody: By choosing Mantle Wallet, you become the sole owner of the key to your crypto assets. This grants you full freedom in managing your assets but also places the responsibility for the key’s security on you.
  • Privacy and Security: We adhere to high standards of privacy and security.
  • Untraceable: We do not store users’ personal information.
  • Universality: Mantle Wallet allows you to manage your assets on any mobile device, be it iOS or Android.
  • Governance: Participate in voting and influence the development of the ecosystem with Mantle Wallet.
  • Convenience: Mantle Wallet is not just a wallet for a single blockchain. It’s a multi-currency DeFi terminal offering a wide range of blockchain services. Whether it’s sending tokens, swapping, or staking.

Try Mantle Wallet today - join the Mantle Ecosystem and the DAO philosophy.

Frequently Asked Questions

6,219,316,795 MNT
Mantle was announced by BitDAO in November 2022 as a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum.
Mantle was developed by BitDAO, one of the largest decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) in the world, with the goal of enhancing the scalability and efficiency of Ethereum transactions.
You can always check the current price on the asset's page in your wallet. It's a simple and informative way to stay updated on price movements.

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