How to Win Crypto Airdrops in 2023

How to Win Crypto Airdrops in 2023

Crypto airdrops have existed in the cryptocurrency space for a long time, and numerous people have been grateful participants. While crypto airdrops can offer some free cash, getting an authentic one might be a hassle. This guide explains all you need to know about crypto airdrops, including how to position yourself for upcoming ones.

What are Crypto Airdrops?

A crypto airdrop refers to a strategy where project owners freely distribute crypto tokens to participants as a reward for task completion. Crypto airdrops derive their origin from initial coin offerings (ICO)— a process where project owners raise capital by selling their new cryptocurrency to investors who purchase them for potential profit or exchange for services offered by the company.

How Crypto Airdrops Work

Crypto airdrops typically involve project owners offering users a small percentage of their total token supply in exchange for simple tasks such as engagement, questionnaires, or using their service. Discord servers, Telegram channels, Twitter hashtags, and many more are among the popular platforms project owners use to funnel in participants and eventually distribute free cryptocurrency.

Benefits of Crypto Airdrops

The benefits of crypto airdrops can be viewed under two lenses: the project owners’ and the participants’. For the project owners, crypto airdrops serve as a means of generating traffic to increase brand awareness and eventual adoption. Conversely, participants can earn money by selling the free tokens once they are listed on the exchange or holding them for the long term. Some DeFi protocols also reward token holders who stake their tokens in a pool for some time.

Winning Crypto Airdrops in 2023

Before participating in crypto airdrops, you’ll need to spot potential opportunities and follow certain steps to ensure you’re eligible to receive the tokens. Here’s how to find upcoming airdrops:

Crypto Airdrops in 2023

1. Stay Informed and Engage Actively

  • Become an Active Degen: To be aware of the latest crypto airdrops, you should actively participate in the crypto community. Get into discussions, follow crypto news, and stay current with the latest trends.
  • Stay on Social Media and Forums: Follow Crypto on Twitter, Reddit, and Discord. Crypto projects often announce airdrops and updates on these platforms. Follow official accounts and relevant crypto subreddits and Discord channels.
  • Check Hashtags: Search for relevant hashtags like #cryptoairdrop or #token giveaway on Twitter and Instagram to find potential airdrop opportunities.
  • Use Dedicated Airdrop Websites: Several websites and platforms are dedicated to tracking and listing crypto airdrops. Some popular ones include and Airdrop alert. These platforms provide information on ongoing and upcoming crypto airdrops.

2. Review Airdrop Requirements

Once you’ve found a potential airdrop, review its requirements carefully. These requirements may vary from one airdrop to another but can include:

  • Social Media Engagement: Follow, like, share, or retweet specific posts from the project’s official social media accounts.
  • Survey Participation: Participate in quizzes or surveys related to the project to demonstrate your knowledge and interest.

3. Fulfill Airdrop Tasks

Complete the tasks as per the airdrop requirements. Ensure you follow the instructions precisely, as failure may disqualify you from receiving the airdrop tokens.

Airdrops Tasks in 2023


While the prospect of receiving free money might be enticing, it’s crucial to remember that scammers sometimes create fake airdrop campaigns to steal funds. Maintain a secure wallet by verifying the legitimacy of the airdrop and the project behind it. As a rule, never share your private keys with any airdrop campaign. Lastly, it would help to consider using a separate wallet for added security.

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