Gem Wallet is Going Open Source

Gem Wallet is Going Open Source

In the early days of the internet, a small but passionate group of developers believed in the power of open-source software. They saw it as a way to democratize technology, allowing anyone with the skill and interest to contribute, innovate, and improve the digital tools we use every day. This spirit of collaboration and transparency has driven some of the most significant advancements in tech, from the development of the Linux operating system to the creation of the World Wide Web itself.

As we navigate the complexities of the crypto space, the need for transparency and trust has never been more critical. Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two leading cryptocurrencies, have thrived on the principles of open-source development, allowing anyone to audit, contribute to, and improve their code. We should apply the same principles in developing the tools we use to access these technologies.

Unfortunately, most wallet providers advocate for these principles but do not adhere to them themselves. These closed-source projects operate with opaque incentives and centralization that undermine the ethos of open and decentralized finance. “Do as I say, not as I do.” Users are asked to place their trust in companies without being able to verify the security and integrity of the software managing their crypto assets.

We have to do better. That is why today, we are proud to carry forward the tradition of open source into web3 by announcing that both Gem Wallet Apps on iOS and Android, as well as our Gem Wallet Core library, are now open-source software licensed under the GPL-3.0. This decision is our commitment to reducing centralization and fostering trust within the crypto community. By making our code transparent and accessible, we invite the global crypto community to join us in shaping the future of open and decentralized finance.

How to Contribute


If you want to contribute, head over to our GitHub and make sure you give each repo a Star to help with visibility ⭐:

Then, you should check the readme files for each project on how to get started. Some good places to start are the following:

We also have a dedicated developers group on Telegram where you can chat with like-minded folks and ask our team any questions or for help.

Why Open Source Software is Important for Crypto

There are many advantages to using an open-source crypto wallet, especially in the realm of cryptocurrency, where we strive to build a more open, transparent, and decentralized system.

Here are several reasons why open source software is vital in the crypto space:

1. Transparency and Trust

Cryptocurrency operates on the principle of decentralization, where trust is distributed across a network rather than placed in a single entity. Open source software aligns perfectly with this principle, offering complete transparency. Users and developers can inspect the code, verify its functionality, and ensure there are no hidden backdoors or malicious elements.

2. Security and Resilience

Open source software benefits from the collective scrutiny of a global community of developers and security experts. This widespread examination helps identify and fix vulnerabilities more quickly than in closed-source projects. Additionally, open source projects can evolve and improve continuously through community contributions, making them more resilient over time.

3. Interoperability and Standardization

The cryptocurrency ecosystem comprises numerous blockchains, wallets, exchanges, and other tools. Open source software promotes interoperability by enabling developers to build applications that can seamlessly interact with each other. This fosters the creation of standardized protocols and APIs, making it easier for different systems to communicate and work together.

4. Innovation and Collaboration

The rapid pace of innovation in the crypto space is driven by the collaborative efforts of a diverse community of developers, researchers, and enthusiasts. Open source software provides a platform for these individuals to share ideas, experiment with new concepts, and build on each other’s work.

5. Community-Driven Development

In the crypto world, the community plays a pivotal role in the success and evolution of projects. Open source software thrives on community involvement, from identifying bugs and suggesting features to developing and maintaining code.

6. Long-Term Viability

Open source projects are not dependent on a single organization or developer. Instead, they are supported by a community that can continue to develop and maintain the software even if the original creators are no longer involved.

Embracing Open Source


Gem Wallet is a user-empowering onchain gateway that enables access to the vast world of web3. A self-custodial wallet committed to user privacy and transparency, with support for over 30 blockchains and 15,000+ tokens.

By building an open source crypto wallet, we are embracing the ethos of web3 and collective innovation, empowering developers and crypto enthusiasts to contribute to the security, functionality, and growth of Gem Wallet.

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