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Buy Manta easily and securely right within your wallet. Our wallet supports purchasing Manta directly from the interface using a credit card. With just a few clicks and a short wait of a few minutes, you will receive Manta tokens to your address. Give it a try!

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Buy Manta (MANTA) with credit card using gem wallet

How to Buy Manta With a Credit Card

Buy a minimum of $50 USD, and up to $20,000 USD, worth of Manta.

  1. Download and install Gem Wallet.
  2. Tap buy button. Select Manta to purchase.
  3. Enter amount of Manta you want to buy.
List of cryptocurrencies to buy with credit card using gem wallet

What Is Manta?

Manta is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol focused on privacy, offering private swaps and payments. It leverages zk-SNARKs, a cryptographic technique for enhanced privacy, allowing users to transact and swap cryptocurrencies anonymously. Manta aims to combine the openness of DeFi with strong privacy features, addressing the common issue of transaction traceability in public blockchains.

Why You Need to Buy Manta?

Manta Network tokens have various uses - let’s look at the most popular reasons why you might want to acquire these tokens:

  1. Crypto Investing: Manta Network is an innovative blockchain built on modular technology and the ZK protocol. Its technological advancement and innovation attract investors to consider Manta Network for investment opportunities. By exploring the blockchain more closely, you too might appreciate the advantages it offers.

  2. Transaction Fee Payments: If you want to use the Manta blockchain, you’ll need Manta tokens to pay for transaction fees and smart contract executions. Generally, there’s no need to stock up on tokens in advance, as you can always purchase Manta tokens with a credit card in just a few minutes.

  3. Staking Rewards with Manta: If you find the Manta Network appealing from an investment standpoint, a logical next step would be to stake your Manta tokens. Staking in Manta Atlantic provides you with passive income and contributes to the security and stability of the blockchain.

Store Your Purchased MANTA

After you purchase Manta tokens, they will be directly credited to your wallet. Gem Wallet is a self-custody, open-source wallet with a high level of security and privacy. In it, you can not only securely store and use your Manta tokens but also activate staking for passive income with just a few clicks.

How Much Is the Fee to Buy Manta?

Buy Manta tokens without complicated fees. All additional costs and charges will be displayed on the final confirmation screen, where you can review all the extra payments before buying. Avoid overpaying on hidden fees.

Buy Manta by Check, Cash, or Bank Transfer

We continuously work to improve the comfort of our users. Although the primary method of purchasing Manta remains the credit card, we are always exploring alternative options to offer our users the best solution for them. The available payment options at the moment can always be checked in the app on the Manta page, simply by clicking ‘buy’.

How to buy Manta with card

Buy MANTA by following these 3 simple steps:

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onboarding view

1. Get Gem Wallet

Download Gem Wallet App for iOS or Android.

recovery phrase screen

2. Create A Wallet

Create a new wallet with secret phrase and store it somewhere safe.

buy crypto with card

3. Type Manta amount

Pay with card and you are done.